Salamanca District

In the heart of the Salamanca district and a just a few meters from the Retiro Park, surrounded by the most exclusive shops, restaurants, museums and places of interest, this beautiful building of classic Madrid architecture will be built.

The original image of its façade with its typical balconies will be preserved and renovated, to which two newly built floors will be added to give a modern and avant-garde look to the complex.

Archivo de la Villa

Deed of purchase of the plot in 1919 for the construction of the Lope de Rueda building completed in 1921, as well as the Architect's certificate for the granting of the rental license.

Vivienda en el barrio de Salamanca

Original 1921 elevation and rehabilitated 2021 elevation

Detalle de los balcones
Detalle de los balcones

Detail of the façade of the building, where the original details of the balconies and moldings have been preserved.

Edificio LR15