Lope de Rueda 15

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FIRST 1A 3 2 162,17 m2 Download On request   Sold
1B 2 2 128,75 m2 Download On request See Sold
SECOND 2A 3 2 162,17 m2 Download On request   Sold
2B 2 2 128,75 m2 Download On request See Sold
THIRD 3A 3 2 162,17 m2 Download On request   Sold
3B 2 2 128,75 m2 Download On request See Sold
FOURTH 4A 3 2 165,61 m2 Download On request   Sold
4B 2 2 132,19 m2 Download On request See Sold
FIFTH 5A 3 2 166,96 m2 Download On request See Sold
5B 2 2 133,81 m2 Download On request   Sold
PENTHOUSE Penthouse 3 2+1 196,76 m2 Download On request See Sold

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Lope de Rueda 15

Ground FloorUseSurfaceFloor PlansPrice
GroundCommercial space86,22 m2DownloadOn request517.700€
Commercial space57,74 m2DownloadOn request346.700€

1st to 4th Floor

5th Floor


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The best materials, paying attention to the smallest details and a carefully studied aesthetic are undoubtedly indispensable elements for the demanding future owners. This is why the residences are designed to meet all these needs, a symbol of sophistication, comfort and coherence.

1st to 4th Floor​

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5th Floor​

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Plano vivienda

Your home in detail


The foundations and basement walls will be built in accordance with the recommendations of the Geotechnical Study and the specifications of the technical projects, using concrete of suitable strength and characteristics in accordance with current regulations, cements suitable for the aggressiveness of the land and steel as calculated.

The technical characteristics of the materials used and their correct placement on site provide the building with thermal and acoustic insulation that has an impact on the degree of comfort of the houses.

The floor of the residence except wet rooms will be of multilayer natural wood flooring. With a total thickness of 15mm, 4 mm noble layer, board width 200 mm, satin varnished finish, little knot, colour “oak spirit eco” or similar (light tone). The skirting board will be made of lacquered wood in the same colour as the wall with a height of 12 cm and its finishing plane will be the same as that of the wall and between both elements there will be a gap of 1 cm.

The walls will be painted with smooth plastic paint throughout the house, in cream white. The house will have a false ceiling in all the rooms. In the bathroom where the air conditioning machine is located, the false ceiling will be accessible in an area to access it. The living room and bedrooms will have perimeter plastering and curtain rails. In the bathrooms, there will be a cavity in front of the washbasin and at the back of the toilet. In the areas where there is no plastering, the finishing of the false ceiling to the vertical wall will be carried out by means of a small narrowing in its section, generating a shadow line.

All horizontal surfaces will be painted white.

The access door to the house will be armoured with two steel plates and an “anti-bumping” lock, for a maximum security solution. The interior finish will be the same as for the rest of the house and the exterior in accordance with the finishes of the common areas. The interior doors will be made of 40 mm solid MDF, with a classic design and lacquered in white and a leaf height of 2.10 m. The fittings will have a matt chrome steel finish. In the bathrooms, the sliding doors will be embedded in the wall to make the whole space effective.


The finishing of the door jambs will be the same as the finishing of the wall and between both elements there will be a gap.

Wardrobe doors shall be smooth, one-piece and finished in white lacquer in the same tone as the interior doors of the house. The doors will be fitted with hinges with brakes. The interior will be modular and will be delivered fitted with a shelf for dividing the luggage compartment, hanging rail and interior lined with melamine with colour and texture. The dressing rooms in the master bedroom will be equipped with drawer units and shelves with a careful design to make the best use of them.

 The integration of the carpentry is achieved by placing mouldings, frames and skirting boards with the same finish.

The kitchen floor will be the same as the rest of the house, with a 12 cm skirting board on the same level as the wall.

The worktop and the front of the kitchen up to the height of the wall units will be made of high-quality material.

The kitchen furniture is made up of high and low furniture, of high quality and the design of a first brand.

Worktop: Porcelain tile. Furniture: Kitchen furniture from a leading brand with 19 mm thick fronts and frames in grey laminate with E1 classification, with the possibility of choosing the colour by the client; both fronts and drawers will be equipped with self-braking systems in hinges and drawers. Laminate shelves with anti-tilt fastening system. In addition, kitchens are equipped with high quality electrical appliances, including induction hob, electric oven and microwave oven in column, integrated extractor hood, dishwasher and refrigerator, as well as sink and GRB mixer tap or similar.

The floor will be tiled in large-format porcelain stoneware 10 mm thick, technical porcelain type.

The walls will be covered with large-format porcelain tiles in a combination of two models.

The bathrooms will be fitted with white vitrified porcelain sanitary ware of the latest design. The washbasin will be countertop. The toilet will be wall-hung with a built-in dual-flush cistern to save water. There will be a double washbasin in the main bathroom. All taps will be Duravit brand or similar and thermostatic in the shower.

The shower screen will be a fixed safety glass with hidden fixings in floor and wall.

All interior distributions of the houses will be made with a system of partition walls with double laminated plasterboard with interior insulation for greater thermal and acoustic comfort. In wet rooms, the plasterboard panels will be waterproof. The separation between houses will be made with a mixed system of rough brick masonry, lined on both sides with a system of laminated plasterboard partitioning and interior insulation. This system favours thermal and acoustic insulation, avoiding chafing, as the channelling runs through the space in between.

 As an additional measure to provide greater acoustic comfort and independence between users, acoustic sheets are placed on the separating walls between users or between users and common areas.

The vertical surfaces of the party walls will be finished with light-coloured single-coat mortar of medium roughness.

 The façade of the residences will be finished with the same roughness in a slightly darker tone. This façade is built with a S.A.T.E. system that optimises energy losses.

The window sills will be made of metal sheet with drip systems designed to prevent differential washing of the façade. In front of the opening there will be an overlapping phenolic board element that hides the factory finish and channels run-off water to the outside.

To keep the horizontality of the floor, a low-maintenance, technological wood decking system will be used on plots to provide a water-free surface and a comfortable appearance.

From the ground floor to the fourth floor, the original façade of the building is preserved and rehabilitated in white grey tones.

 On the fifth floor and penthouse, the façade consists of large glazed areas and massifs composed of a ventilated façade solution finished in a system of aluminium slats with different depths in a light anthracite grey colour.

Top quality aluminium joinery with thermal break and double glazing with air chamber will be installed, which will guarantee a reduction in heat loss through infiltration. In addition, the double glazing, with a climalit-type intermediate dehydrated chamber, significantly reduces the temperature exchange, favouring good indoor comfort and saving energy.

 The closing systems will be double leaf folding in the rehabilitated façade and sliding and folding in the residences on the fifth floor and penthouse.

The carpentry of the interior courtyard will have swing and tilt-and-turn openings.

 Motorised roller blinds will be installed as a lighting control system. The bedrooms will be completely darkened and in the living rooms and kitchens a percentage of the incoming light will be filtered.

The marble or porcelain floor has a variety of different types of tapestry to differentiate the different areas, as do the ceilings.

 On the walls, marble or porcelain tiles coexist with mirrors and golden slats and a large window that opens up views of the landscaped courtyard.

The courtyard is developed on three levels connected by steps. All the stone material will be made of prefabricated large-format cobblestones.

 In front of the steps there are landscaped areas.

 Up to the height of the first floor, one of the dividing walls of the courtyard will be covered with a wall of vegetation with species that will provide a diversity of colour and texture. The other party wall will be illuminated with wallwashers arranged according to a geometric pattern.

A modern fully equipped gym-wellness to keep fit at any time and make any owner enjoy without leaving the building.

 The finishes of the entrance hall become warmer in the gym, with the woodwork appearing together with the double-height window that connects with the garden.

Each property has a storage room equipped with a water point, drainage and drainpipe; perfectly functional as a clothesline.

 All the walls are tiled in porcelain stoneware.

The energy efficiency of a building increases as the use of conventional energies is minimised in order to save and make rational use of them. A number of factors have been applied in the design of the residences to achieve greater energy efficiency, such as improving the thermal insulation of the building envelope, increasing the efficiency of the ventilation system, reducing heat losses and reducing the use of non-renewable energies.

Taking into account the various influencing factors such as: regulation possibilities, energy savings, energy consumption, comfort conditions, environmental protection, etc., the following system has been chosen:

– DHW: The system will be individualised, with DHW production by means of an aerothermal heat pump.

 – Heating/air conditioning: The system will be individualised, with the heating/air conditioning system being carried out by means of an aerothermal heat pump.

 For the generation of heat, a low temperature radiant floor heating system will be used by means of cross-linked polyethylene pipes, this system will also be used as a cooling floor.

 The system will have an impulsion pipe and a return pipe and will have thermostats in each of the rooms to regulate the temperature.

 As a complementary element to the underfloor heating, which will overcome the loads generated in hot seasons, there will be an air-conditioning system using fan-coils.

 The fan-coil will be fed from the hydrokit of the fan heater and will serve the living room and bedroom areas by means of impulsion grilles.

 The return of these will be via a return grille, which will go to the false ceiling that will act as a plenum to recirculate the air. This grille will be located as close as possible to the fan-coil.

The plumbing installations for hot and cold water will be carried out in accordance with current regulations. There will be general stopcocks in each residence, as well as in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

 The downpipes and drains in P.V.C. pipes. All the drainage installations will be executed independently from the structure, reducing the transmission of noise to the houses.

The electrical installation of the residence and the degree of electrification will comply with the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations.

 The toilets and corridors will be fitted with LED technology lighting.

 The houses will be equipped with the services regulated in the Telecommunications Infrastructure Regulations, Telephony, ISDN, TV and FM with sockets in the living room and bedrooms.

Kitchens will have TV sockets.

 The terraces will be equipped with light points and power sockets.

The selected system will control the switching on and off of the lighting, the raising and lowering of blinds, and the sockets in the houses will be ”Simon iO” or SIMILAR which has an APP.

1st to 4th Floor​

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5th Floor​

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